Aliyah: Live the Dream - Move to Eretz Yisrael

About Nefesh B'Nefesh
Inspiration & Mission Statement
Founders: Rabbi Yehoshua Fass & Tony Gelbart
The core mission of NBN is to revitalize Aliyah and to substantially increase the number of future olim by removing the financial, professional and logistical obstacles that prevent many individuals from actualizing their dreams. In the process of fulfilling our mission, we aim to educate and inspire the Jews of the Diaspora as to the centrality of the Jewish State to the Jewish people and its desirability as a Jewish home. Such enhanced awareness will send an unmistakable signal of Anglo-Israeli Jewish solidarity and of our mutual determination to strengthen the State of Israel and thereby increase the likelihood of an ever expanding Aliyah reality. NBN provides comprehensive support for olim by directly interfacing with them, both in the pre-and post-Aliyah stages. We offer financial assistance, employment resources, social services and guidance through governmental absorption procedures in order to help make each individual's Aliyah as successful as possible. In 2006, NBN extended its Aliyah expertise and success experience in initial efforts to assist in boosting Aliyah from the United Kingdom.


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