The Six Day War (1967)

Another major achievement that stunned the entire world was its victory during what became called the Six Day War. It reminds us of those recorded battles Israel faced during Biblical times when it too was faced with enemies of a much greater strength and miraculously still won, and its existence secured. Now the entire soil of Eretz Yisrael became liberated from its enemies after almost 2000 years, a prophecy being fulfilled and in the process of becoming fulfilled entirely.

In this documentary at the end it is said that victory was also achieved by a great deal of luck, an enormous amount of luck beside the hundreds of hours of training. Personally I would add to that: Thank G-d it was so, thank G-d for His help as well. Time to be not afraid anymore of saying this, of coming out for it no matter being a secular Jew or even ultra orthodox for it's reality.

There is even a story, true or not I can't tell, that states that when a Syrian soldier who fought the Yisraeli army during the Yom Kippur war in 1973 was asked what happened, why that the Syrians lost, then his answer was: How could we fight an entire army of Heavenly angels siding with the Yisraeli army?

It is said that you can't yourself regard as a real Yisraeli when you don't belief in miracles in the very land of miracles. An interesting thought to consider.

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