The Entebbe operation (1976)

One of the many of Eretz Yisrael's greatest and daring achievement was the rescue operation at Entebbe in Uganda where Yisraeli army forces rescued the hostages from the terrorists who a few days earlier had hijacked an Air France airliner. It will afterwards always stay in the mind of the peoples of the world that it, that this evil can be defeated, that we should not fear it, but stand shoulder to shoulder to fight it till victory together as Jews and gentiles (Noahides), and this relentlessly till the last terrorist is killed or has layed down his/her weapons.

Let me say just ad one thing more to this in the form of an additional quote:

Whoever saves a Jewish life, who stands shoulder to shoulder with Eretz Yisrael the Jewish state, and with Judaism, will save his/her own, will redeem/salvage his/her own life as well, and even that of nature.

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