Historical documentary of the Mossad

This is a documentary in five parts about the history of the Mossad. But remember when watching that every Western nation worldwide do have such a secret service operating in the defense of their citizens against those the Mossad faces as good as daily till this very day.

The Mossad is what you could call the Foreign Affairs Secret Service of Yisrael while the Shin Bet is her Interior counterpart. They both serve the defense of the citizens of the Jewish state Eretz Yisrael, no matter if they are Jewish or gentile, even Arab thus (Christian and Muslim). Yes, as long as there are those who want to kill people because of who they are no matter if they are Jewish or not, gay or lesbian, even Gypsy, or for what they belief in, we may be proud to have such a service who will try to save the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands by risking their own, even worldwide.

We all do own them our lives and thus gratitude for it is said that one who saves one life saves a thousand because that one life will beget children and out of that one life will thus grow a family, the same as the entire house of Yisrael has always been and will always be everlasting since Avraham, even Yisrael (=Yaacov or better known as Jacob).

First episode

Second episode

Third episode

Fourth episode

Fifth episode

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Temple Mount - Holiest of holies place for the Jewish people

In August, 2005, the latter half of the month of Av, Rabbi Chaim Richman, accompanied by several friends, ascended the Temple Mount. This visit was documented on camera. In this classic visit to the Mount, in strict accordance with Jewish halachic law, Rabbi Richman takes the viewer on a complete tour of the holiest site on earth. You will learn the history of the Mount and where the Sanctuary and its courtyards were located, and you will also see stark evidence of the illegal Moslem destruction on the Mount presently taking place. You will witness the difficulties experienced by all Jews who visit the Temple Mount today. You will stand literally meters away from where the Holy of Holies once stood and will stand again. Footage of this nature has never before been presented for public viewing. Now it can be viewed online. To see the complete 90 minute video:


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On the second night of Chanuka, 5768 (December 6, 2007), the golden menora prepared by the Temple Institute and fit for use in the Holy Temple, was moved from the archaeological site of the Roman Cardo in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, to its new location, alongside the Yehudah Halevi staircase leading from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall Plaza. There it overlooks the Temple Mount, site of the future Holy Temple. A small move, perhaps, for the golden menora, but a giant leap forward for mankind, as the rebuilding of the House of G-d becomes one step closer.

Glass artist Jeremy Langford has created a series of monumental glass sculptures at Judaism's holiest site-The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Go beneath the Temple Mount north of the Western Wall and journey the valley that has been there for over 2ooo years!

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