Historical documentary of the Mossad

This is a documentary in five parts about the history of the Mossad. But remember when watching that every Western nation worldwide do have such a secret service operating in the defense of their citizens against those the Mossad faces as good as daily till this very day.

The Mossad is what you could call the Foreign Affairs Secret Service of Yisrael while the Shin Bet is her Interior counterpart. They both serve the defense of the citizens of the Jewish state Eretz Yisrael, no matter if they are Jewish or gentile, even Arab thus (Christian and Muslim). Yes, as long as there are those who want to kill people because of who they are no matter if they are Jewish or not, gay or lesbian, even Gypsy, or for what they belief in, we may be proud to have such a service who will try to save the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands by risking their own, even worldwide.

We all do own them our lives and thus gratitude for it is said that one who saves one life saves a thousand because that one life will beget children and out of that one life will thus grow a family, the same as the entire house of Yisrael has always been and will always be everlasting since Avraham, even Yisrael (=Yaacov or better known as Jacob).

First episode

Second episode

Third episode

Fourth episode

Fifth episode

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