Free hugs in Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Some info from the ones who started this interesting project:

In Tel Aviv: This Free Hugs campaign was inspired by Juan Mann's video. We had no secret agenda - we just wanted to go out there and hug some people, believing that it will make all of us feel a lot better, and make the world a little nicer. We hope you'll enjoy the clip, forward it, and go hug your loved ones.
The soundtrack we chose for the clip is in hebrew and it's called "Someone to Run With". The singer's name is Daniel Salomon. It's from a soundtrack of a new Israeli movie that goes by the same name.

In Jaffa: After 2 months of hugging in tel aviv we're starting to tour the country. We hugged mixed Muslim-Jewish populations in Jaffa and we were accepted warmly although people warned us and even Arab friends thought it'll be a tough crowd. I haven't seen free hugs in any Arab country yet and I encourage the people who think it won't work there to get inspiration from this video.
Music by Egyptian singer, Hakim.

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