Eilat - Yisrael's Ministry of Tourism

The following is a video made by the Ministry of Tourism of Eretz Yisrael about Eilat and its amazing touristic opportunities. Once you there, you will be even quite close to the border with Jordan and Egypt, as well its proximity to other well known places throughout Eretz Yisrael. Surely something to think about when you plan your next holiday trip.

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Ahava clip - Dead Sea cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in marketing & distribution of cosmetic products from the Dead Sea to companies and consumers all over the world.

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Israeli models

The original title was Israeli hot models. And when you decide to watch it, then you will soon know why, but I found it more appropriate to use this shortened title, as human beings are not meat, they are persons with a soul, no matter what kind of job they do profess, even when it's being a model. People aren't objects either, things you can play with, but are living beings, creatures created in G-d's image through their soul. No matter how you look at this video, a person will always stay a person carrying a very precious treasure of light with him/her wherever s/he goes.

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