Dana International special

 At Muhana (You're Ready)

This is Dana's New video.

Love Boy 

Dana International with her song love boy life on an Israeli TV show (11/08/'07)

Dana International Feat. Idan Yaniv - סרט הודי Indian Movie

Dana International Feat. Idan Yaniv in her new album, here mixing indian and Israeli
music - Indian Movie (seret hodi). The song was first recorded by Dana, but her
producer Shai Kerem wanted to contra her voice with a male vocal and added Idan.


Nizachti- I won - A great video showing Dana's success through the years...


This is a song that was originally an Ofra Haza song. It's here sung by dana at the
Ofra Haza tribute show, to commemorate the life of Ofra Haza.

Dana international-Live on Yair lapid 11/6/07

Dana on an Israeli talk show where she is performing live hakol ze letova + interview in Hebrew.

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