Battle for Rome, Romans vs the Jews

 I presume to assume that this has been taken from a much larger production shown entirely on the Discovery Channel about the Roman Empire, but it can give us today a kind of feeling about what went on in that time and that particular place called Metsada, the last stronghold of Jewish resistance against the occupier of their land, and based on historical research into the matter.
The fact stays of course an uncompromising fact that the Romans occupied the entire Jewish land called Eretz Yisrael beside many other nations they occupied of course at the set time. But since the Roman empire, even after its fall, no one else has ever claimed Eretz Yisrael except for the Jewish nation, the Jewish people, even Yerushalayim. It's true that many conquered and came to occupy it afterwards, but never laid any claim of their own onto it!!
It stayed a Hebrew/Jewish land always till today. And thanks to the Jewish return, the land is becoming slowly but steadily a beauty, a pearl back again within the Middle-East, a land of Milk and Honey others sadly enough want to have and take away from those who cultivate, and harvest its fruits with love for the One who gave it them, no matter the hard work that needs to be done so to give it its wealth back that it had lost when the Romans expelled many Jews from their land, but not all of them.

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