Model of Jerusalem ca. 66 CE

This model was built at the initiative of Hans Kroch, owner of the Holyland Hotel, in memory of his son Jacob, who fell in Israel's War of Independence. The model was produced under the direction of Prof. Avi-Yonah of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The reconstruction was based on three main sources of information: literary works, especially the books of Josephus, the Mishnah and Talmud, and the Gospels; ancient cities similar to Jerusalem; and archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem itself.

The model is on a scale of 1:50 and it can be viewed at the Israel museum in Eretz Yisrael.

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Saada's devine guidance

Divine providence, and prophetical visions aren't only a part of the ancient Jewish past, but are rather still continue to live in our present times. And unlike the divine providence which happens continuously, it is rare for prophetic visions to be revealed in our time. Saada is a story of a secular woman in Israel who had that experience, which resulted in her doing a teshuva, worth watching till the End.

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Uri Zohar - Heart to heart

Uri Zohar was the most famous movie actor in Israel, successful carrier, beautiful home, great future ahead of him, but then came a visit to a wedding of a friend, an ex-actor who did a teshuva. He did meet with his rabbi, a holy man who was wise and truthful. He was able to explain all the questions that the then arrogant secular actor had asked him. To his surprise, the rabbi had all the answers handy, starting by saying: "You know that I can easily prove to you that G-d exists. That meeting had a profound affect on his life, and now he is passing the message. Heart to heart is a great lecture for those who call themselves open minded.


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