Gog - U - Magog: The war to end all wars

The books of the prophets, the Talmud and the tomes of Jewish spirituality predate the other traditions of Gog and Magog- Armageddon. This documentary of classic Judaica surpasses any chicken-soup which new-age meditation can offer to provide us with comfort and meaning in these times.

Though this video can be somewhat provoking to say the least, I would strongly advice everyone who want to watch it to view it completely all the way till the end. It's there that sits them the climax of the entire documentary. In that end while the song is being sung and different people say what they feel to be said, then the message becomes clear. We witness that the entire documentary has been constructed around a three pillar system, namely provoking, awareness, and forgiving.

Nonetheless it has to be admitted that the provoking, especially in the beginning uses a 'fictive' way of doing so. In other instances does it attack some political persons quite straight on I must say. But remember that it's not the person that is being attacked, but rather the way things are going, or are being done. You have to try to see it within its entire perspective, even when it for some may be tempting to be overjoyed by certain types of provocative attacks. This is not the message this documentary wants to portray. At least this is my personal opinion of course. But you are entirely free to have your own one.

The most important message of this documentary sits them in combining the three different pillars together, not separated them because you don't like what you hear in one. That won't do it. Nothing will be learnt. And above all, try to look beyond and through the provoking. Don't keep much attention to the somewhat personal attacks. The messages sits not in front of you, not in the person, nor in the fiction.

So now the documentary:



The video below is another documentary that falls in line with Gog - U - Magog. It's somewhat less provoking, but both videos honestly speaking do make you think more deeply, to look more into the deeper depth of your own inner self. I would therefore advice people to watch them more than once if possible, also because this second one is subtitled in English, and sometimes can go a bit too quickly. The documentary in itself is in spoken Hebrew and is a kind of Biblical commentary on what happens right now in the Middle-East, even thus about Eretz Yisrael. And like the previous video, I let everyone free to think of it what s/he might think of it, but personally I must admit that the makers of this documentary do try to make a strong point to be heard.  

Are they right or wrong?

 I'm sure that people will have different views, some in support while others not. In any case is the message clear. Only do know that there was also the prophet Yonah. And of him we know, or rather learn that a negative prophecy doesn't have to be fulfilled. If we want, then we can prevent what is being told us in these videos. It doesn't has to happen as it is predicted that is. We can all come to our reasons and accept justice the way it was and is meant to be everlasting, as the Torah states. We just only have to listen, Jew and gentile alike with the light of our soul to the message that has been given the entire world of humankind.

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Hey a lot of greetings...bye bye...

Posted by: Yolanda | 09/10/2007

Great Video I watched the second video - fantastic! It is truly miraculous that we are here! We have lost our way, though. We have to believe again in the rightness of our being in Eretz Yisrael.

Posted by: Chaya Eitan | 04/24/2009

what a wast of time to see this bull shit, i cant imagin that some people still bilieve in this lies

Posted by: truth | 08/31/2010

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